Architekt und Mitarbeiter

Architectural solutions that extend beyond local context.


Architekt & Mitarbeiter is drawing on German design tradition in order to develop vibrant, sustainable architectural solutions that extend beyond itself and provide lasting value to the users and local context.


Absence of a cohesive brand identity system, scarce visual communication of the product to the customer, insufficient differentiation in the market and lack of direction.


Strategy / Brand Identity / Stationary Design / Content Syndication


We worked to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers and companies that are in alignment with A&M's ethics and values.​

Brand identity and collateral are based on information gathered during CORE discovery and strategy session, competitive audit and extensive market research. Design direction was inspired and based on elements of organic architectural solutions that empower sustainability.


Architekt & Mitarbeiter brandmark was designed to transcend time and space, to represent essential functionality and to be adaptable to the modern demands of print + digital mediums.


A&M's identity system is tailored for highly information savvy and architectural minimalism enthusiasts who focus on sustainable architectural solutions that extend beyond itself and provide lasting value to the users and environment.​

Created consistency throughout different visual communication mediums and a cohesive brand identity reinforces a positive opinion in the eyes of potential clients or customers.


Architekt & Mitarbeiter brand collateral, like the guiding mission, is focused on sustainability and easy adaptability. Using only one colour per item allowed us to save materials and dye during the printing process, therefore enabling us to minimise our footprint without having to compromise on aesthetics.

We set out to design an extensive element and iconography system that would empower the client to create needed assets on their own, without having to spend additional resources in the future.

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