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Building a Brand
Process From Start to Finish
As a Brand Designer, I value clarity, time and functionality. That's why I am transparent not only about how and what it is that I do but also what you can expect from working with me. This way you can decide whether I'm the right professional for YOU.
What is a Brand?
Brand is a gut feeling, a perception created by interaction with your company on every encounter, whether it would be an ad, matching tshirt your employees wear or how you choose to portray yourself on the internet - everything creates a positive or negative association and ends up creating "a brand".
Branding is the effort to influence this perception. We can’t control what the neighbor’s mom might say. But we can do our best to make the right impression. Every single agency can do a good visual design, but that's a commodity - what isn't a commodity and what will set you apart is the strategy, your company's unique voice and the ability for us to be able to pull everything together and say "go in this direction. Launch this product". I  can influence the public’s perception of you by creating an authentic branding solution tailored for YOUR business and goals.

Process From Start to Finish
What does it take to build a brand?



After getting in touch with me about a project, I'll get an overview of your needs. Together we will determine the scope and timeline after which I will send you a contract and proposal. Once approved, to begin the project a standard 50% deposit is required. (Possible different payment plans can be discussed in private)



Positioning is the heart of a brand. It articulates what your business stands for ( Mission Statement), its benefits and competitive advantages (USP), and what it means to the target market. In short, brand positioning establishes an emotional connection with your customers. It’s how you want your company to be perceived in their minds and among competitors.


Competitive Audit and Market Research

A thorough competitive analysis and in-depth market research is critical for any emerging or evolving business. I apply the findings from customer segmentation to user profiles that represent a brand’s target markets, then map out scenarios in which those users might interact with a brand. Defining informed interactions helps to predict pain points and provides insight into functionality and user behavior.


Concept Development

Once everything has been analyzed, planned, observed, and tested do we begin developing concepts for your brand. By designing and presenting three stylescapes I will bridge the gap between design thinking and visual design. Stylescape is a collection of highly curated images, design, type specimens, textures, and colors that help to define a visual direction. I will present these collections before the visual design phase to ensure buy-in from everyone.



A thorough competitive analysis is critical for any emerging or evolving business. This process identifies the strengths and weaknesses in a brand’s competitive landscape, allowing your company to better understand the market, target customers more effectively, and make intelligent decisions about how to grow your brand.


Discovery Session

One of the most important stages of building a brand is a discovery session. We will clarify your purpose, find your company's unique voice, understand and define your goals and revenue channels. It's important to realize that people buy why you do something. Clarity sets your company up for long term success.


Brand Attributes

Brand attributes are characteristics that describe the intrinsic and extrinsic qualities of a brand. They reveal its personality, functionality, and physical traits through imagery, language, actions, and assumptions. Attributes are what allow us to identify brands.


Strategic Planning

Here I take everything I've gathered and integrate and balance it against the 7 tenets of brand DNA - longevity, flexibility, differentiation, vision, meaning, authenticity, and consistency. I consider your long-term growth needs, revenue goals, social channels, product placement and sales to create a strategic and scalable visual and written brand identity system for you.


Implementation and Building

I plan for functionality and flexibility. In this stage of the process of building a brand I will create tangible elements of the visual expression of your company, everything from your logotype, identity system, brand collateral to web. Everything is well thought out and planned with purpose to save you money and time in the long run and to better serve your customers.


Brand Guidelines

I will create create a system that will bulletproof your brand - logo specifications and guidelines for typography,  color, iconography, image style, social media and more. This ensures that anyone can apply  your brand assets correctly and consistently, giving you an easy to follow blueprint for every single application and your marketing channels.

Ready to build your brand?