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Description of Services


Logotype Design

A logo is much more than just an image; it is the foundation of your brand and a strongest point of identification and recognition for your customers.

Unlike a standard graphic designer - I don't create pretty pictures, my focus is on creating a characteristic, timeless, and most importantly - functional design that will amplify your voice in multitude of mediums, from print - to web. Doesn’t matter how pretty it is if it's not effective.


Positioning and Messaging

What you say in advertising is more important than how you say it. Impactful articulation of the unique benefit of your service and a strong foundation of the most pertinent information is what your customers will remember.

People buy solutions to their problems, and they want companies that are in alignment with  their ethics and values. The more clarity, targeted, and perfectly positioned your product or  service is to solve their problem the more likely they will choose you over your competition.


Identity System and Branding Guidelines

Consistency drives the power and integrity of a brand. Creating identity is not enough. what's more important is to utilize it consistently to the best of its ability. It builds trust and authority within your  market and dissolves buyers doubt. 

Guidelines are a part of Logotype, Identity System and Branding packages.


Identity System

These are the tangible elements of the visual expression of the company. Consistency and a cohesive brand identity offers the chance to reinforce a positive opinion of yourself in the eyes of potential clients or customers, builds integrity, authority and trust. I focus on building identity systems that are versatile enough to grow with your company and fluid enough to adapt to an ever-changing world.


Marketing and Brand Collateral

How do your customers engage with your brand? Through advertising? Printed matter?  Social media?

Marketing and Brand Collateral are the tangible elements of the visual expression of your company. I can help to amplify your voice by translating your brand to an infinite array  of print, digital campaigns that can grow with you and remain authentic in a  multitude of touch points. 



Illustrations supporting created Brand Identity.

Most Common Packages

Every project is unique and has different requirement. Below are the most common packages that differ in deliverables, however, if you need something different, I’m happy to put together a custom proposal.

Benefits of having a cohesive identity system

Be Memorable

Strong identity design sticks in customers’ minds. After seeing it a couple times, it becomes instantly recognizable as yours, and familiar is comforting.

Look Established

Even if you’re new, there’s no need to look like you launched yesterday with a clip art logo hastily printed on perforated cards from your office inkjet.

Look bigger

Create desire

Customers are drawn to attractiveness and a company who clearly gets them.

Elegantly designed materials and lovely printing convey that you’re prospering. Customers want to work with successful companies.

Ready to build your brand?